Friday, December 5, 2008

What is out of style

There are many things today that are out of style. Maybe me myself is one of them. It is hard to know when to act in this world. But I guess now is a better time then any. Thank you and hopefully there will be one good story a week for those who want to follow.


dragonflydreamer said...

I feel that I am "out of style" more than ever these days.

Alicia said...

Hi Vision thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you are able to work soon to provide for your needs and you get the snow you are hoping for.

Style is so relative, as I explore various parts of the world I am amazed at how different our perseptions of style are. I have met people who are "out of style" in their clothing but so attractive in character and integrity. And I have met people who are dressed in the very finest apparrel but cold and insensitve to the people around them.

To me real beauty is not what we wear but who we are.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by again.